Both editions include a beta of cloud.xara, which allows Xara sites to be viewed, edited and updated from a browser on any device.

There’s new support for syncing project files via Dropbox and Google Drive. If you’ve installed the program on two computers, change a file in one and it’ll be updated on the other.

Web Designer 11 now also supports responsive web design (a Premium-only feature last time), and can create optimised layouts of your site for desktops, tablets or phones.

Web Designer Premium has several new design features, including “sticky objects” (navigation bars or other important content which stays visible as the page scrolls), on-view animations (objects that fade or slide in as the viewer scrolls down a page), or “stretchy backgrounds” (objects which dynamically stretch to fill the full browser width).

There’s also a good selection of enhancements across the suite, including a flexible slideshow widget, new templates, better PDF support, SFTP/ FTPS publishing options and more.

Trial versions of Web Designer 11 (US$49.99) and Web Designer Premium 11 (US$99.99) are available now. Please note, while they’re fully functional, only a few of the program templates can be edited.

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