Beginners can simply enable the responsive templates and the program automatically optimises site layouts for mobile, tablet or desktop viewing.

Experts are able to define exactly what should be hidden or displayed as resolution drops, add line breaks as required, or customise the point where the site layout changes.

Elsewhere, optional integration of web forms with Google’s reCaptcha scheme should cut down on spam.

There’s a new option to automatically display your privacy policy when a user first visits the site.

A smarter welcome page now supports automatically detecting the language of the visitor’s browser and redirecting them to the corresponding website version.

As before, the program comes in three editions.

The mid-range WebSite X5 Evolution 12 (£49.99) is probably the best for most people, and has all the features we’ve described here.

WebSite X5 Home 12 (£14.99) is cheap but drops responsive site support, most of the templates and has only the essential design features, while the high-end WebSite X5 Professional 12 (£139.99) adds extras like dynamic content and support for user registration. (There’s a full comparison here.)

A demo edition of WebSite X5 Evolution 12 is available for Windows Vista and later. It’ll give you a good idea of how the program works, but does have some major restrictions: it will only save a maximum of 10 pages, and can’t publish them online.

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