VLC video player has been a useful addition to desktops for years, allowing its users to play videos in a number of less conventional formats. VideoLAN, the organisation behind the player, has now released a version of the app for Apple TV.

As well as offering playback of videos in their native formats, the app lets users set custom playback speeds, choose from subtitle and audio tracks and view artist artwork and biographies when listening to music.

“Immediately after Apple announced ‘the future of television’, we’ve been working on the SDK to port VLC for iPads and iPhones to this new box,” VideoLAN said in its announcement. “It needed quite a few adaptations, but it is now finally ready to be published.”  

To get your files onto the Apple TV, VLC has developed a web interface where you can drag files from your computer and automatically send them over to the Apple TV. The app can also source content from the local network, and there are future plans to integrate Dropbox and OneDrive into the service. 

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