The program has a strong emphasis on simplicity. Which means: it’s basic. Very basic. There’s no option to capture the full screen, for example, or a specific window – you can record a freehand rectangle only.

Audio options are similarly non-existent. You’re not able to record microphone audio, or add a custom soundtrack of your own: it just records whatever’s playing through your speakers.

Despite that, there are some plus points. It’s free, portable, and convenient to use, just unzip and you’re ready to run on anything from Windows Vista up.

The developer claims that its multi-threaded architecture significantly improves performance, and should allow you to record up to 30 fps.

You get options to export the video in a range of formats, including MP4, AVI, WEBM and OGG.

VClip saves data locally as BMP frames and WAV audio, so you can copy and process these elsewhere if you need extra format support.

There’s also an option to export recorded video as an animated GIF.

VClip isn’t going to win any awards for the length of its feature list, but animated GIF export and its portability are just enough to make it interesting, and the program did manage some high frame rates on our test PC. If you’re not currently using anything similar then give it a try.

VClip is a freeware application for Windows Vista and later.

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