If nation dimensions were being established by the amount of domains registered making use of every nation’s suffixes, .au just isn’t doing far too badly – but is a good deal lesser than it is in actuality – as this great map from Nominet demonstrates.

The initial point to see, probably, is that The us is not a superpower any more.

But which is basically particularly misleading, due to the fact persons and organizations in just American borders favour the traditional .com area, which with 123 million registrations is appreciably more substantial than any personal country. A web page suffix with out borders.

China snatches second place with sixteen,810,737 registrations, but hang on a second… what is that to the suitable of Japan…?

With 31,311,498 domains registered, .tk is nearly the dimensions of Germany and China merged. So the place is this world-wide-web superpower on a regular map?

It truly is listed here:


Which is the island country of Tokelau, with a population of just one,400 folks. Do some rapid maths in your head, and you’ll obtain that either every male, woman and baby on the island has 22,365 world-wide-web domains every, or anything unusual is going on listed here.

It truly is the latter – sixteen a long time ago, Dutchman Joost Zuurbier made the Freedom Registry, now recognised as Freedom, which allows folks to register a .tk area no cost of cost. All earnings comes from promotion, and back in 2012 CNN estimated that a sixth of the nation’s GDP came from .tk domains.

Ok, so how does the map search with Tokelau incorporated?

Wowsa. You can see the complete zoomable map on the Nominet web page.

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