The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Hd is the 1st of what Nintendo hopes will be a couple crucial releases for Wii U in the future couple months. The remaster of the beforehand effective Wii launch title (which also landed late on GameCube), it’s also responsible for kickstarting the year’s thirtieth Anniversary celebrations for its franchise.

Pleasingly the United kingdom charts provide positive gross sales final results, with the Tantalus Media-produced port grabbing second location in the all-format chart behind Much Cry Primal, but truly taking the lead and seizing 1st location in the solitary-format final results. Which is especially remarkable in mild of the relatively small Wii U userbase in the United kingdom.

It was a good week for Pokemon, as well. Pokemon Super Secret Dungeon proceeds its regular fall down the all-format chart from fifteenth to 22nd, but that’s continue to a slower decline than numerous other main 3DS releases in modern occasions. There are also chart returns for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, with the latter getting into the all-format charts in 32nd and the previous in 37th location. All those final results imply that Pokemon titles account for the major 3 in the 3DS-only chart.

Ultimately, as the random entry of the week – presumably helped by promotions – we have Just Dance 2016 for the very last-gen Wii breaking back again into the solitary-format major forty in 35th location.

An exceptional outcome in the close for Twilight Princess Hd. Have been you 1 of the Wii U entrepreneurs to jump in with a launch weekend buy of the remaster?

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