Before this 12 months, iRobot released the Roomba 980, a big and exceedingly efficient vacuuming robot controlled with a smartphone. It is a gigantic, autonomous, dirt-slurping hockey puck made to cleanse an total dwelling stuffed with children and animals and food stuff and every little thing else. It is not affordable at $900, but it is excellent for large households with large families.

My moms and dads tried using it and liked it. Critically. They sent me movies. I outlined this to the individuals at iRobot during a modern video clip, and mentioned the 980 doesn’t make significantly sense in my small apartment with wooden flooring. No difficulty, they instructed me. We’ve bought just the issue: the Braava, Roomba’s first robotic mopping equipment.

The Braava uses a vibrating head and jet spray to sweep and scrub tough flooring. Not only is it additional suited to dwellings with additional tile, linoleum, and hardwood, it is significantly smaller sized and lighter than its siblings. It is smaller sized than a shoebox and quickly stashed beneath the sink. Mopbot features a few different pads that quickly slide onto the bottom of the Braava. One’s for sweeping (it feels like a Swiffer pad), one’s for mild mopping, and one’s for deep cleansing.

It functions just like every single other Roomba you have ever seen and uses a gyroscope and sensor to map the home. When I noticed it in motion, it bumped into the rest room scale, manufactured the ideal adjustments, and glided right close to it afterward. It learns exactly where your household furniture is, and adjusts its velocity to prevent throwing alone into a wall or table leg.

Even though it is a good minor bot, it is not as good as the 980. It doesn’t have as lots of sensors, and they are not as capable. There’s no mobile connectivity, so you cannot handle it with your phone (the HORROR!). This is, Roomba states, since you can only pack so lots of circuits and sensors into some thing which is complete of water. But there’s yet another actually, actually good reason for the pared down Braava: It is way cheaper than its greater brethren. iRobot sees the Braava as the gateway to its lineup it doesn’t acquire up a great deal of room, and it is only $199. Individuals may balk at the large ol’ Roomba and its lofty rate tag, iRobot mentioned, but this teeny minor issue does your mopping and isn’t terribly highly-priced.

The other issue that differentiates the Braava from the rest of the line? It is sq.. Which is so it can greater mop corners and get into individuals places that are tough to arrive at (driving the trash can, close to the bathroom, that type of issue). You can obtain the Braava starting up April one. Of course, I know. April Fools’ Day. But I noticed the Braava in motion, and it is genuine.

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