OK, so there’s putting your life on social media, and then there’s sharing everything. New camera app Shorts (yes, really) wants to do the latter.

Basically, this free iOS app lets anyone look at your camera roll. That’s the entire thing – every single blurry snapshot, every selfie that shows a double-chin, every time you meant to take a photo but accidentally shot a video instead. It’s all there for anyone to look at. 

It’s meant to give your friends a more intimate, more raw insight into your life, rather than the curated image we create of ourselves online. Frankly the idea just brings us out in cold sweats.

Thankfully you do have some control over what the world gets to see: when you open the app, it shows you every photo taken since you last launched it, and asks which ones you’d like to share.

Swiping through each one, Tinder-style will either share it or redact it from the internet. Upload something you later regret? Deleting it will pull it from everyone’s phones too.

There’s no Instagram-inspired main feed where everyone’s pictures appear, so you don’t need to worry about spamming your friends.

Everyone has a Snapchat-like story instead, with comments and likes only shared with the person that took the photo.

According to the company behind it, beta testers shared as many as half their photos on Shorts – and actually ended up taking more pictures once they had an audience compared to other using apps like Instagram.

If you’re feeling particuarly brave – or you’re just incredibly photogenic – you can download Shorts from the iOS app store now.

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