Late last year, Samsung shuttered its Milk Video service, which didn’t seem to gain a large following – and now the company may do the same with Milk Music. According to Variety, the Pandora-like streaming music service is expected to close down, with Samsung eager to “clean house” and move on from the initiative.

The report says that while Milk Music has attracted a decent number of free users, “hardly anyone bothered to pay for Milk’s premium tier,” which isn’t making Samsung executives very happy. Milk Music has been totally out of sight during recent Samsung product reveals and demonstrations, says Variety, and the service’s team has shrunken significantly of late.

What will Samsung do in the space without Milk Music around? The report suggests that a purchase of – or partnership with – Tidal is a possibility, however Samsung issued a statement over the weekend denying that it plans to acquire the service. A partnership, however? That’s seemingly still on the table, and it could make a lot of sense for the struggling Tidal and a post-Milk Music Samsung.

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