Nowadays Nintendo confirmed that it will be closing the Mariokart.television set web site on April fifteenth. The web site introduced along with Mario Kart 8 as a way to highlight videos that are uploaded to YouTube employing the upload element in the activity. That element won’t stop to purpose, but the highlight web site will.

The Mario Kart Television web site, which lets you watch highlight videos posted from Mario Kart 8, will be closing down as of 07:00 (British isles time) / 16:00 (AEST) on Tuesday 5th April 2016. We are really thankful to the lots of people who have made use of this web site given that it introduced in 2014.

Even soon after the web site shuts down, it will even now be feasible to watch Mario Kart Television and upload highlights from in just Mario Kart 8 alone. Spotlight videos uploaded to YouTube from the activity will not be deleted soon after the web site shuts down.

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