Jeff Bezos took to Twitter for the first time to announce a milestone from his place enterprise Blue Origin, and the World-wide-web soaked it in.

The “New Shepard” vehicle flew to place (nicely, suborbit), attained its test altitude of 329,839 ft (one hundred.5 kilometers) and then correctly landed vertically at the start web site in West Texas.

Among individuals congratulating Bezos and staff was none other than SpaceX’s Elon Musk, who has been making an attempt a little something comparable:

However….Musk experienced extra to say on the matter:

Musk is essentially dissecting what they’ve carried out to exhibit that just about every particular person “achievement” by Blue Origin is not seriously an “achievement.” Musk is also referring to SpaceX’s Grasshopper testbed back again in the Falcon 1 times. Also, NASA did not tweet, so I’m not absolutely sure how substantially of this I believe that. Kidding. But occur on, NASA.

Rocket shade. YEAH!

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