A lot of reporters are gathering at South by Southwest this week. A lot. But the local Austin Fox affiliate is not using chances. For this SXSW, the newsroom at KTBC will be experimenting with a company that allows them set out the connect with through smartphone for on-the-scene shots and videos when their own reporters are not offered. And if they come by way of, these citizen stringers get paid. Yes, we’ll say it: it’s Uber for journalism.

“SXSW is well known and notorious for having stars just pop up at situations,” claims Michael Lewis, KTBC’s vice president and common manager. “We generally hear these rumors, but by the time we get there, it’s much too late. Now we can react to Twitter and Fb posts. We can assign a citizen journalist by way of Fresco to protect that rumor, and ideally get the shot.”

Skilled reporters have lengthy anxious so-known as citizen journalists could cannibalize the industry for their expertise.

Any one who’s signed up to be a citizen journalist with Fresco News will get an warn if they’re near sufficient to the scene. The citizen journalist is paid $50 per video and $twenty per image that a station licenses.

Jim Driscoll, the vice president and information director at Fox 29 in Philadelphia, claims that Fresco News hasn’t changed information crews or reporters. Rather, he claims, the station utilizes Fresco to enhance them—for instance, as a way to acquire information from a distant scene they weren’t positive would pan out as a tale. “This is a different move in the potential of Tv set information,” he claims. “We can acquire the information in a profoundly new way.”

The Options

At the very same time, so-called citizen journalism has lengthy carried concerns about precision and verification—the panic that 1 of these “citizens” could fabricate, say,  a image to make money or prank a information business.

John Meyer, the CEO of Fresco News, claims that Fresco has steps in location to protect against that kind of fraud from going on. All shots and videos are vetted by Fresco’s editorial staff prior to staying dispersed to the information companies. Meyer says Fresco utilizes geo-tagging to make positive the man or woman took the shot wherever they said they did. The organization also seems at time stamps to validate when they were taken. Nonetheless, the shots and videos are considered “raw” assets—it’s continue to up to the information companies them selves to report the tales and truth-look at the details.

In the meantime, experts who acquire information for a living have lengthy worried so-known as citizen journalists could cannibalize the industry for their expertise even even more. Driscoll and Lewis say this shouldn’t be a concern, arguing that there will generally be a will need for expert journalists. Citizen journalists, they say, are just 1 far more way to meet the demands of an at any time-hastening, multi-system, 24/seven information cycle.

“Disruptive know-how can get rid of a business,” Lewis adds. “But know-how, if it’s applied from the begin, can take that very same business and give it a great advantage over competition.”

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