Final week, the most exciting concern bordering the PlayStation 4 was if Sony would permit cross-console multiplayer with the Xbox Just one. Now it is no matter whether the PlayStation 4 will even be Sony’s top console at the end of this 12 months.

In accordance to a report from Kotaku, sources in Sony have indicated that the enterprise is doing work on an upgraded PlayStation 4 console, which will pack in a more effective GPU to permit game titles to run in 4K resolution. It will also offer improved activities with the PlayStation VR headset, which has been introduced for an October release.

Various sources shared information with internet site editors, and developers ended up even overheard at this week’s Activity Developers Meeting chatting about the product. Reportedly, Sony held meetings with developers in the course of the week to share information and facts about the console, and Kotaku’s sources have referred to it as the “PlayStation 4.5,” or even the “PS4K.”

The PlayStation 4 can output 4K online video, but would not have the processing electrical power to cope with interactive 4K game titles. With a considerably increased GPU, it could be possible to provide that a great deal-bigger resolution for game titles, as properly as offer developers more muscle mass for effects and aspects. On top of that, it could place the PlayStation VR practical experience nearer to that of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on Computer.

But this sort of likelihood also creates significant queries. Will Sony genuinely just one-up its very best-marketing console following just three yrs? What about the 37 million people who by now purchased a PlayStation 4 anticipating it to previous properly into the long term?

If Sony does release an increased PS4 and keeps supporting equally versions, perhaps it’ll be more like a Computer or mobile situation, where by game titles scale to match the hardware. Which is a pretty unfamiliar solution in the console place, but it would permit Sony to appease players looking for a bigger-end practical experience though not abandoning the present PS4 house owners – or people who never want to shell out for the 4K box.

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