It seems Facebook has decided to spend some of its enormous wealth on another acquisition, and while previous purchases have been strategically sensible, but a little dull (Instagram, Whatsapp, Lightbox), this latest one is a little more leftfield. Facebook has bought face-swapping and selfie filter app MSQRD for an undisclosed sum.

Why? That’s an extremely good question, but if I were a betting man, I’d say it’s because the social network is extremely aware that while it’s the defacto choice for people aged 25 and older, younger tykes aren’t seeing it as the default like their digital predecessors. Think Snapchat, and even Yubl, which we recently covered.

For those that don’t know, MSQRD (an abbreviation of ‘Masquerade’, rather than a FTSE 100 stile ticker name), is an app that lets you apply wacky filters to your photos, giving you and your friends and unnervingly creepy makeover, or swap faces with your friends directly.

This isn’t going to be clear without a real world example is it? Fine. There is literally no way that publically being a guinea pig in this app could possibly go wrong for me, is there? Here you go: for science.

Just to be clear: the one on the left is me using the never-used selfie function on my phone. The other two monstrosities come directly from the (comparatively limited) Android version of MSQRD.

So look forward to images like this dominating your Facebook feed in the future. It might not stop there either: Facebook own Instagram, Whatsapp and of course Facebook Messenger.

Maybe I’ll just send a telegram next time I need to contact to someone.

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