Destiny 2 is coming. And soon after the initially game’s ‘intriguing’ mix of dense earth-constructing and scarcely existent tale-telling bemused as substantially as it enticed, one particular of the largest concerns has to be “What the hell is it heading to be about?”. Immediately after all, Crota and Oryx are both of those dead, there’s no express, significant threat aside from the ever-current, ever-obscure Darkness and – with quite a few, oblique narrative threads unraveling all more than the area – there’s as substantially scope for reinvention as there is bewildering basis get the job done to establish on. 

But Bungie’s hiring of Mass Influence writer Christopher Shlerf implies that the studio intends to make very impressive sense of the entire mess. And you know what? With a little bit of digging, I’ve observed that there’s a hell of a great deal of good content for him to get started with. In reality, soon after a good previous excavation of lore, some consultation with a couple good theory threads on the excellent Destiny Reddit, and a good little bit of tie-up get the job done utilizing my own numerous hundred hours’ encounter of the video game, I feel I have a very good idea of where things are heading. And if I’m appropriate, oh boy, is anything we feel we know about to go bye-bye. Let us get started with the extremely probably likelihood that… 

The Traveler is not these kinds of a force for good  

Do you trust Traveler? I really don’t. For the reason that what do we know about it? We have been advised that, with the reward of ‘Light’, it at the time elevated Earth to a new golden age. We have been advised that it was adopted by means of the universe by The Darkness, and practically killed. We have been advised that with its final remaining effort and hard work, it established the Ghosts so that the Guardians could stand and battle eternal. But as for who or what the Traveler actually is, and why and how it did any of this? We really don’t, to place the very best of details upon it, essentially know shit. 

Fascinating theory that I more and more locate myself subscribing to: The Traveler is a little bit of an irresponsible jerk. Not strictly malicious – nevertheless we do know that some doubtful morality was planned in the unique tale – but certainly irresponsible. We know, from a variety of Grimoire texts and a good amount of explicit Destiny lore, that the Traveler had been chased by The Darkness – whichever the hell The Darkness essentially is – for innumerable many years. No matter of any good intentions, the Traveler kited it appropriate to our doorstep. But there’s a much more exciting aspect to take into consideration, also, and that is what provides us on to Greek mythology. 

Mythological imagery is in all places in Destiny. Heck, the extremely idea of ‘destiny’ by itself is basic to Greek myth, where destiny is these kinds of a highly effective driving force that it’s often personified. None of this can be a coincidence. In reality, a hell of a great deal of Destiny starts to make a entire distinct form of sense at the time you start relating it to the historic earth, and in distinct, Greek lore. 

Remember Prometheus? He was the person who stole fireplace from the gods, and gifted it to humanity in purchase to elevate them previous their then-existing point out of evolution. That’ll be the Traveler, then. Prometheus was finally chased down and punished by the gods because, nicely, he had screwed up. Fire was not his to give, and in accomplishing so he had broken the pure purchase of things. In retribution, he was chained to a rock – but saved alive indefinitely – so that an eagle could try to eat his liver every single one working day. And does that not seem a little bit like he Traveler’s destiny at the commencing of Destiny, where he/she/it is in a point out of around loss of life, a shard of its entire body held on a Hive altar so that its Light-weight might be fed upon? 

So does that imply, perchance, that The Darkness is not essentially a force of malevolent evil, but just something striving to reset the harmony that the Traveler has thrown off? Immediately after all, from man’s point of watch, Prometheus was a saviour, but to the gods he was objectively a thief screwing with their authority and messing the most well-liked point out of the earth. 

Read through on. 

The Darkness might not be that undesirable either 

Here’s where it receives actually exciting, because I reckon that things are heading to get a great deal much more ambiguous in Destiny 2. Hence considerably, we’ve been advised that the fact is very simple. Light-weight good, Darkness undesirable, Traveler close friend, anything else resolutely bloody dreadful. But in reality, there have been seeds of uncertainty scattered in the course of Destiny’s initially few of many years. Contemplate Toland the Shattered, for occasion. 

The lengthy-missing, lengthy assumed-dead Guardian was an enthusiastic college student of the Darkness, finally assumed mad by his colleagues, but ultimately instead valuable all through the initially, abortive campaign versus Crota. His obsession with Hive rituals finally led him to try to commune with Destiny’s most hellish species on an amicable foundation. This killed him, but he may possibly nicely however endure in the Hive’s Ascendant realm. A complete duplicate of his journal is with Tower helper Eris, and he’s also dependable for one particular of Destiny’s huge Exotic weapons, Lousy Juju, which is designed around a Darkness-infused frame. 

Can expertise of – even intimacy with – the Darkness be valuable and non-corrupting? It appears to be so. The Awoken race have been born of a distant run-in with it whilst striving to escape all through the Collapse – information at the moment unidentified – came out unscathed, and now openly reject the dichotomy of Light-weight and Dim. There is possibly a not-insignificant parallel with the Traveler’s elevation of humanity there. 

How will this impact Destiny 2? Hope the legitimate character of the Darkness to be unveiled as less malicious than we’ve been led to consider. Hope Toland to return in some capacity as a significant proponent of what we employed to take into consideration the wrong facet. Hope a entire professional-Darkness movement to increase. In reality, assume the player-foundation to be break up more than the issue. I’ll forecast appropriate now that Bungie will introduce a binary faction procedure, very similar to Globe of Warcraft’s Alliance and Horde, which will enable us pick sides for differing written content and benefits. In reality, we might by now have noticed the seeds of this in those Taken Guardians Bungie has just teased. 

But how’s it all heading to kick off then? Well… 

Eris is about to come to be a significant player (and likely constantly has been) 

Pursuing the punishment of Prometheus, the gods turned their interest to humanity, and started out royally screwing with us. They despatched down Pandora, along with her box (or jar) which finally crammed the earth with calamity when opened. That’ll be Destiny’s submit-Golden Age Collapse then. Fascinating point nevertheless: 1 of those people launched calamities was the goddess of Strife, whose name was Eris. Whilst not essentially good or undesirable, she was instead the harbinger of darkly chaotic times, and instigated some serious goings on afterwards down the line. 

Now, subsequent the events of The Taken King, we can be very guaranteed that Eris has been quietly performing with Mara Sov, the queen of the Awoken. And amongst the Awoken’s neutral alignment and Eris’ many years invested dwelling among the the Hive, it’s certainly not a supplied that they are preventing for the Light-weight. In reality Eris’ actions in The Taken King’s conclusion cutscene – in which she statements a fragment of huge-undesirable Oryx’s sword and ‘accepts her fate’ – elevate several concerns about their plan. Ended up they just performing to rid the solar procedure of Oryx’s threat, or did they also want him out of the way so that they could declare his electric power and come to be figureheads of Darkness on their own? Let us not overlook that Eris was on Toland’s fireteam when he was missing. 

On the other hand it shakes down, I reckon it’s possible that Eris will be the instigator of a great divide, major to the Light-weight/Dim break up I was chatting about earlier. The mythological Eris’ most substantial action was to kick off the war of Troy, by seeding jealousy and dissent among the 3 goddesses. She did this by giving the reward of an apple to ‘the fairest’, major to a grand rivalry more than just who deserved it. Interestingly, the apple was acknowledged as the Apple of Dischord, a name that may possibly by now seem acquainted, supplied that it is shared by a 12 months two pulse rifle. Evidently, Bungie is mindful of the myth. 

Is it also substantially of a stretch to picture that the ball of eco-friendly light-weight Eris carries might symbolize a selected fruit? All things regarded, I’m not guaranteed it is. And supplied that we’re chatting about an analogous war of Troy right here, acquiring Eris operate as a sleeper agent inside the Tower for so lengthy would give us a great parallel to the Trojan Horse. Probably there’s a good reason the Speaker does not trust her. And talking of the Speaker… 

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