It is been virtually 12 years because EverQuest II produced, and equally that sequel and the legendary first are nevertheless chugging now – but a correct adhere to-up to the typical massively multiplayer on the net job-enjoying series has been lengthy awaited.

And fans will wait significantly, significantly for a longer period it appears to be. Currently, Daybreak Sport Business – the unbiased studio when identified as Sony Online Leisure – declared that the lengthy-in-development EverQuest Subsequent has been cancelled. The MMO experienced been in development because at least 2010, and was slated to launch for equally Personal computer and PlayStation four.

In a short website post on the issue, firm president Russ Shanks admits that it’s a rough conclusion for the team, but claims they aimed to “make a little something innovative” and that they will have to be “brutally honest” about what they are making. Even so, in this scenario, what they were functioning on seemingly didn’t live up to their have expectations.

“Sadly, as we put jointly the parts, we observed that it wasn’t fun,” he writes. “We know you have high expectations when it arrives to Norrath and we do far too. In closing evaluation, we experienced to deal with the fact that EverQuest Subsequent would not satisfy the expectations we – and all of you – have for the worlds of Norrath.”

“The foreseeable future of the EverQuest franchise as a whole is important to us here at Daybreak,” Shanks included. “EverQuest in all its types is around and pricey to our hearts. EverQuest and EverQuest II are heading sturdy. Relaxation certain that our enthusiasm to mature the world of EverQuest continues to be undiminished.”

He is appropriate about EverQuest nevertheless heading sturdy, incredibly: produced in 1999, it’s nevertheless playable now on Windows, and been given a new growth pack late past 12 months. Sadly, any one on the lookout for a significantly additional modernized take on the fantasy MMO in all probability is not going to locate it whenever quickly: if Daybreak could not generate a worthwhile game in six years, how lengthy will it take to design a little something they are content with?

Landmark, a world-developing game that commenced lifetime as the EverQuest Subsequent game motor, is nevertheless in development, even so, and will be produced on Personal computer this spring. It is priced at US$ten, and an official FAQ posted now claims it has “Norrathian-influenced touches throughout the world,” even if it’s not an official EverQuest-branded encounter.

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