Prior to we go any further more, it’s really worth pointing out that one particular member of the Star Wars: The Power Awakens forged has competencies we did not even know about (beneath). Oh, BB-eight. Will you ever not be lovely? (No. The response is “no,” if you are wanting to know.)

Welcome again, nerf herders and gungans all, to the newest installment of Cantina Talk, in which a veritable stew of Star Wars news and rumors is served up hot with a facet of inflatable bread. I’m your host, Maz Kanata, and I’m below to ask you not to go into the basement unaccompanied no make any difference what you imagine you listen to downstairs. Oh, and following time, deliver a Wookiee or two it’ll make you extra welcome below. Actually, there’s a couple of Wookiee-linked news bites in advance of us, so let us just leap in, shall we?

Could People Previously Be Imagining About Star Wars: Episode XII?

Source: The British newspaper The Sun, which instantly will make it to some degree suspect.
Likelihood of Precision: See that over comment about the suspect character of the source. We’re not expressing this is incorrect, but it surely shouldn’t be viewed as gospel, both.
The True Offer: If a report in The Sun can be thought, Lucasfilm is currently taking into consideration incorporating an more five motion pictures to the recent slate of Star Wars assignments, with spin-off assignments for Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu being thrown about as doable additions to the existing listing. “The accomplishment of The Power Awakens has provided executives much to imagine about,” an anonymous source is quoted as expressing, while none other than Power Awakens director J.J. Abrams seemingly explained to the paper, “There are some definitely great points being talked over. It is pretty enjoyable to see how it is being set alongside one another.”

It is a genuinely odd story to set out there. Not since everyone truly considered that Disney would cease wanting Star Wars motion pictures immediately after Episode IX in 2019—indeed, all indicators have pointed to Disney taking into consideration this an ongoing franchise, a la the Marvel movies—but the specificity of reporting that five more motion pictures are below thought presents it a ring of verisimilitude. Five more motion pictures would equivalent a fourth trilogy of the principal series with two standalones in concerning, immediately after all. But is not it a minor too early to be imagining about this? Ahead arranging is a great factor and all, but nonetheless.

The Han Solo Motion picture Will not Be a Solo Highlight

Source: Disney CEO Bob Iger, on a meeting phone to investors
Likelihood of Precision: Unless someone’s been lying to the manager, probably place-on.
The True Offer: Even though the pretty notion of a “Young Han Solo” motion picture brings to mind the specter of the Young Indiana Jones Tv motion pictures of yore—never a great factor, let us be honest—Disney CEO Bob Iger made available the first outright great news about the challenge (very well, apart from the existence of The Power Awakens co-author Lawrence Kasdan, of study course): the motion picture will be “an origin story about Han Solo and Chewie.” Placing apart the clear stage that Han Solo and Chewbacca’s actual origin is that their moms and dads liked every single other pretty much and then, 9 months afterwards (or however extensive Wookiee pregnancies previous), they had been born, who is not on board with the idea of getting to see the meet up with sweet concerning a younger rogue and his strolling carpet future very best friend? Now, all we need to have is for someone other than Miles Teller to get the occupation.

That Power Awakens Scene You Did not Like? J.J. Abrams Agrees with You

Source: Power Awakens director Abrams himself.
Likelihood of Precision: Well, it’s an feeling, so as exact as an feeling can be?
The True Offer: (Spoilers in advance.) Speaking of Chewbacca and Han Solo, had been you one particular of the [insert pretty higher number below, up to and like “everyone”] who did not like that Chewbacca did not get to hug Leia immediately after Han’s dying in The Power Awakens? /Film questioned director J.J. Abrams about that storytelling option, and discovered that, certainly, he may not have appreciated it that much, both.

“That was probably one particular of the problems I manufactured in that,” he admitted. “My imagining at the time was that Chewbacca, in spite of the ache he was emotion, was focused on seeking to save Finn and getting him taken care of. So I attempted to have Chewbacca go off with him and target on Rey, and then have Rey uncover Leia and Leia uncover Rey. The idea being that the two of them being robust with the Power and under no circumstances acquiring met, would know about every single other—that Leia would have been explained to about her outside of what we observed onscreen and Rey of study course would have discovered about Leia. And that reunion would be a conference and a reunion all in one particular, and a sort of commiseration of their mutual decline.”

He ongoing, “Had Chewbacca not been in which he was, you probably would not have considered of it. But since he was right there, handed by Leia, it felt pretty much like a slight, which was absolutely not the intention.”

Arrive on, this suggests we get a Power Awakens: Distinctive Edition just to resolve this, right? Right…?

Has Star Wars Had a Homosexual Lead All Together?

Source: Masses of Online speculation riffing on an interview with Mark Hamill
Likelihood of Precision: Don’t wager the hydrofarm on it.
The True Offer: And we’re again to The Sun, who adopted up on J.J. Abrams’ recommendation that Star Wars is ready for some gay people by conversing to Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.

“In the old days you would get enthusiast mail,” Hamill responded. “But now admirers are crafting and ask all these concerns, ‘I’m bullied in college … I’m scared to arrive out.’ They say to me, ‘Could Luke be gay?’ I’d say it is meant to be interpreted by the viewer. If you imagine Luke is gay, of study course he is. You should not be ashamed of it. Decide Luke by his character, not by who he enjoys.”

All of which is type of great—audience interpretations of an fundamentally sexually ambiguous-outside of-crushing-on-his-sister character go!—but in some way it obtained turned into Mark Hamill states Luke Skywalker is gay! in subsequent reviews, which is pretty plainly not the situation. Even though it would be wonderful if Luke obtained discovered to be, very well, everything other than straight, the not-too-refined hints that it’s possible he’s Rey’s father in The Power Awakens would suggest or else. We could, however, uncover out that she is also a little one of the Power like Anakin was, but this time Luke introduced her to expression inside his entire body. (Note: We would like it if this turned out to be the situation. Rian Johnson, is there any probability we can make this canon? Have you shot that portion of Episode VIII nonetheless?)

Gettin’ Cheeky with It

Source: Everyone’s most loved scavenger sweetheart, Daisy Ridley
Likelihood of Precision: Who doesn’t feel Daisy Ridley?
The True Offer: Good news for people who are emotion Star Wars withdrawal immediately after The Power Awakens: Seemingly, production on 2017’s Episode VIII is not going to be the mysterious, unknowable factor that it had been for the previous installment. Speaking to Leisure Tonight, Ridley said that points are “a minor little bit freer” on the new motion picture, and that director Rian Johnson “actually wishes to be a little bit cheekier with the minor tidbits of information that arrive out.” That would make clear the shock production announcement video, if absolutely nothing else, but what else can we hope in this new cheeky era? We can but hope for Twitter accounts from new people revealing crucial information that every person dismisses as enthusiast fiction fakery right up until immediately after the movie’s been unveiled.

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