A new Ctrl+click on “scrub play mode” enables playback – both forwards and backwards – just by moving your mouse cursor across the waveform.

Keep down the left mouse button though scrubbing and Audacity switches to search for manner, playing modest slices of whichever audio is beneath the mouse cursor.

Effects now have presets. Make some improve to an effect’s settings and you can help you save them for effortless recall later on.

There’s a new Crossfade Clips outcome, the new Limiter outcome replaces the Difficult Limiter, and there’s a new edition of the Vocal Elimination tool.

Smarter management of the autosave recovery information need to speed up modifying, significantly in larger sized assignments, and there are other effectiveness enhancements in the Draw tool and when zooming Spectrogram views.

The user interface is now a lot more configurable, also, with options to take away resources you really don’t need to have from the Effects and Make menus.

Audacity 2.1.1 is an open source audio editor obtainable for Home windows, Linux and Mac.

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