Android fans could be in for a rude awakening when the next version of the OS arrives – the app drawer might be due for retirement.

Plenty of smartphone makers have axed the app drawer with their custom skins, but vanilla Android has always had that organised corner of the OS to hide all your apps and games.

Based on a video clip (released officially by Google, no less) that may not be the case for Android N – it’s sadly missing in action.

Run Forrest Run! Or walk, or drive, or bike. #MapsAtTheMovies

— Google Maps (@googlemaps) February 26, 2016

The video, showing off Google Maps to celebrate last night’s Oscars ceremony, uses a Nexus 6P which only has three icons at the bottom of the screen; phone, contacts and camera.

If this turns out to be true, it would mean Google is moving Android closer to Apple’s way of doing things.

The iPhone has always laid out its apps across multiple home screens, with users free to move them around as they like.

Google only recently updated the app drawer (which has been there since the first version of Android) for Marshmallow, adding an ever-changing carousel of recently used apps to the top of the page.

A search bar and vertical scrolling were added too – but this accidental reveal could mean Google is getting ready to bin all those changes.

There are a few oddities to the clip, with the Google search app saying “search” instead of “Google”, so it may just be a hastily-prepared mock-up to capitalise on Oscars fever.

We’ll know for sure later this year at Google I/O, where Android N should be officially revealed.

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