Microsoft could be planning to bring a Workstation verion of Windows 10, according to leaked documents. 

The move would bring back the Workstation branding twenty years after it was last use on Windows NT 4.0. 

A version of Windows 10 was sent out last week to Windows Insiders with Twitter users (@AndItsTito and @GrandMofongo). Billed as “Windows 10 Pro for Advanced PCs”, the new version is aimed at power users with high-spec equipment.

A leaked slide described the product as Windows 10 Pro for Workstation PCs”. However, the slide also pointed out that the name was not a “final placeholder for now”.

According to the slide, the four main capabilities of the new Workstation OS include optimising the OS by finding “typical compute and graphics intensive workloads” in order to “provide peak performance and reliability in such use cases when the Workstation mode is engaged by the users”.

There is also a resilient file system, dubbed ReFS, which is designed for fault-tolerance, optimised for large data volumes, and auto-correcting. This is backwards compatible with NTFS.

It also offers faster file handling, including the SMBDirect protocol based file sharing in Windows 10 Pro for Workstation which enables “high throughput, low latency and low CPU utilisation when accessing network shares”. 

There is also expanded hardware support allowing Windows 10 Pro for Workstation on machines with up to four CPUs and a memory limit of 6TB. Windows 10 Pro currently supports just two CPUs.

According to a second slide, Microsoft said that “based on feedback regarding product truths – we went back to the drawing board studying typical workstation use cases and using the information from the Insiders using Windows 10 Pro on high-end machine and held several engineering discussions within Microsoft and also without partners to identify what new value we can bring to the market that benefits advanced users of PC in the market.”

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