New features include end-to-end protection and security alerts across a combined program stack.

The Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) suite is due to receive a host of new capabilities in the upcoming Creators Update, including end-to-end protection for Windows devices, according to Microsoft.

The new features, which are now ready for testing through a public preview, will also include a revamped notification system across a combined stack of Windows Defender programs, as well as improved detection protocols and security analytics.

“This focused security investment combines the best of Windows Defender ATP and the Windows security stack,” said Raviv Tamir, principal group program manager for Windows Defender ATP. “We integrated Windows 10’s new prevention technologies, enhanced our built-in sensors to better detect script-based attacks, added new response capabilities and opened up powerful analytics.”

Windows Defender Antivirus, Firewall, SmartScreen, Device Guard, Endpoint Detection and Response, and Windows Defender Exploit Guard will all be combined into a single security alert interface where new notifications will provide a better understanding of what’s happening on a network.

For example, the Windows Defender SmartScreen will now show if an employee within the company has clicked on a specific URL while ignoring warning messages in the process.

Security alerts will be more detailed with the update, which will automatically correlate detections and group related alerts together. Responding to threats will also be made easier, including the ability to restrict a machine to run only trusted binaries.

To get the most out of these new features, Microsoft has added a new dashboard view to Windows Defender ATP, which will highlight issues and provide access to machines where security options are misconfigured. The dashboard will also sort the most non-compliant machines in the organisation into a list, and provide recommendations as to how best to fix the problems.

Customers are able to access the new features through the Creators Update public preview, although they will need an active Windows Defender ATP subscription.

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