Metal Gear Glossary

Big Boss, aka Naked Snake – Big Boss is the central figure and overarching villain of the Metal Gear series. He starts out as a good guy, working for the US government as a FOX operative, but a string of betrayals eventually lead him down a dark path.

The Boss – Naked Snake’s mentor, she led the legendary Cobra Unit during WW2, and formed FOX along with Major Zero. She allegedly betrayed the US by defecting to the Soviets, but was secretly working for the US to recover the Philosophers’ Legacy. She dies by Naked Snake’s hands at the end of MGS3: Snake Eater.

EVA, aka Big Mama – An ex-NSA agent who defected to China during the Cold War, she is Naked Snake’s contact during MGS3. She’s also a secret agent for the Chinese branch of the Philosophers.

FOX – A black ops unit created by The Boss and Major Zero, specializing in infiltration missions. Naked Snake is its first operative, and the events of MGS3 are its first mission.

FOXHOUND – Created by Naked Snake to combat a renegade FOX unit, FOXHOUND became an official part of the US military in 1971, and specialized in solo infiltration and covert operations.

Frank Jaeger, aka Gray Fox – Rescued by Big Boss in the late 1960’s, Jaeger worked with FOXHOUND for decades, helping Solid Snake during the Outer Heaven Uprising in the first Metal Gear. However, Jaeger’s loyalty to Big Boss causes him to turn on Snake in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

GW – A Patriot-developed AI program that was originally created to distort information and influence human activity, it’s also part of a greater network that provides information to the nanomachines of the global military complex.

Hal Emmerich – Huey Emmerich’s son and the lead designer on Metal Gear REX. After the events of Metal Gear Solid, he joins up with Snake in an attempt to atone for his sins by ridding the world of Metal Gear once and for all.

Huey Emmerich – One of the designers on the Peace Walker project, Naked Snake rescues him and brings him into Militaires Sans Frontieres, where he designs Metal Gear ZEKE.

Kazuhira Miller – Second in command of Militaires Sans Frontieres. He used his connections with Cipher to grow MSF into a dominant force of the war economy.

Les Enfants Terribles – A secret project initiated by Major Zero in an attempt to clone Big Boss. Three clones were created from this project: Liquid and Solid were created first, with the experiment finally perfected with the creation of Solidus. The program was discontinued in 1976.

Liquid Snake – One of the clones created from the Les Enfants Terribles project, and villain of Metal Gear Solid.

Major Zero – A British SAS officer who headed FOX during Operation Snake Eater, Major Zero would go on to create The Patriots, a secret organization that aimed to take over the world.

Metal Gear – Metal Gear has taken on many forms over the years, but all of them are some form of bipedal battlemech capable of launching nuclear missiles from any location.

Militaires Sans Frontieres – A mercenary organization formed by Naked Snake and Kazuhira Miller that grew large enough that it began to upset the global war economy.

Naomi Hunter – Frank Jaeger’s sister and chief of FOXHOUND’s medical staff during the Shadow Moses incident, she injects Solid Snake with the FOXDIE virus prior to the mission to avenge her brother’s death.

Outer Heaven – A series of ideals held by Big Boss that represent the soldier’s paradise, where soldiers could exist free from government exploitation or tyranny. It was also the name of Big Boss’ base of operations during the events of Metal Gear.

Paz Andrade – A Cipher agent, Paz originally called upon Snake to rid Costa Rica of foreign invaders, though it was actually a front for her true purpose: to gather information on Snake, MSF, and Metal Gear ZEKE, and report back to Cipher.

The Patriots/Cipher – A new, even more shadowy organization that replaced the Philosophers after Major Zero and Ocelot recovered both halves of the Philosophers’ Legacy.

The Philosophers – A shadowy organization created after the events of WW1 that sought to control world events.

The Philosophers’ Legacy – A microfilm containing account transfer information for $100 billion in funds.

Raiden – The Big Shell might be Raiden’s first official operation, but he was actually a child soldier in Rhodesia in the 1980’s, and Solidus was his CO and surrogate father at the time. He’s whiny, but then becomes a cyborg ninja in MGS4, which kinda makes up for it.

Revolver Ocelot, aka Adamska – A Russian GRU officer. Ocelot and Naked Snake formed a bond during Operation Snake Eater, despite being on opposite sides. The two would work together in FOXHOUND, and later, The Patriots. He… kinda turns into Liquid Snake a bit by the end.

Solid Snake – One of the clones created during the Les Enfants Terrible project and series hero. He’s seen some shit.

Solidus Snake, aka George Sears – A perfect clone of Big Boss created in the Les Enfants Terribles project, Solidus became president of the United States, and was in office during the events of Metal Gear Solid. Ousted from office by the Patriots, he sought revenge by commandeering Arsenal Gear.

XOF – A new, secret military organization introduced in Ground Zeroes. Not much is known about them.

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