Science has yet to answer the question of whether violent games desensitize us to actual violence or not. One thing’s for damn sure, though: it definitely densensitizes us to increasingly intense virtual violence. Just think how your parents – or your younger self – would react to some of the blood-soaked, guts-splattered gore you’ve seen in games, like ripping a demon’s jaw off in Doom, or slicing someone’s face clean off in Mortal Kombat X. Both of which are gory moments you’ll find on this list, mind you.

What started out as two chunky pixels colliding has slowly but surely evolved to the point where we can watch a photorealistic person get positively mutilated onscreen, or experience extreme torture from a first-person perspective like it’s actually happening to us. And not lose our lunch. Whether they’re purposely over-the-top or meant to be taken seriously, the goriest moments in gaming might make you queasy or cause you to wince in pain (if you can stand to look at all) but gruesome gore will continue to exist and evolve in games, just as it has in film. It’s time we paid tribute to some of the most horrifying, stomach-churning moments of gratuitous gore in gaming. And if the sight of blood makes you squeamish, turn back now.

***Be prepared for some mild spoilers from here on out, as the context behind some gory moments may be tied to the plot!*** 

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