Content 4/20 day every person! To rejoice, Snapchat teamed up with the estate of Bob Marley, and the outcomes were being … unlucky.

Snapchat developed a lens that would make your face look additional like the famous musician’s by introducing Marley-like capabilities — a cap, dreadlocks, a beard and darker skin. Amusing? Possibly for some people, but it comes with some actually dreadful historical associations. The lens prompted a range of people to point out that it’s mainly the contemporary equal of blackface.

To be fair to Snapchat, this is not some thing the organization did on its have — it was sanctioned by the Marley estate. (Other factors the Marley estate have permitted include things like Bob Marley-branded marijuana and a 4/20-themed mix on Spotify.)

Moreover, this type of detail is not absolutely unparalleled. MSQRD presented lenses that put Obama and Snoop “masks” in excess of your deal with — but the lenses appear to be long gone, publish-Facebook acquisition (it continue to has a “rasta” lens that does not alter skin color). You could also argue that the mask strategy is much less icky than in fact darkening the overall look of someone’s skin.

In a statement, Snapchat looks to be standing guiding the partnership:

The lens we launched currently was developed in partnership with the Bob Marley Estate, and gives individuals a new way to share their appreciation for Bob Marley and his songs. Tens of millions of Snapchatters have liked Bob Marley’s songs, and we respect his lifetime and achievements.

Added reporting by Brian Heater

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