Scandy is aiming to make it a lot easier to print total-colour 3D prints of photos, from resources such as depth-mindful cameras and engineering like Google’s Task Tango. Scandy today declared it raised a $1 million angel/seed round from Callais Funds in an effort to bring the engineering to a broader audience.

Being able to spin a 360 photo around in your hand has a certain Polaroid-esque retro-futuristic feel to it

Becoming capable to spin a 360 photograph around in your hand has a selected Polaroid-esque retro-futuristic truly feel to it

If you’re taking pictures 360 photos taken with the promptly growing variety of 360 cameras, Scandy can make you some seriously nifty spherical prints. The problem with 360 pictures is, of system, that (most) screens are flat.

Using a VR headset is one particular way to address that challenge, and wanting around a 360 world making use of a headset is undeniably attractive. Nonetheless, as everyone who has at any time stared at a map of the world in globe type is familiar with, the only practical way to seem at these style of photos in printed type is in 3 dimensions.

Of system, showing a 2d photograph of a 3D object places us ideal again on the exact same challenge, so here’s a online video that illustrates why this is nifty:

Really amazing, eh? Last but not least, a way for me to print those Ricoh Theta S pics I’ve been capturing.

It is not just about spheres, however Scandy has a entire gallery of prints showing off what they are up to. If you don’t have a 3D camera laying about, the company also results in its have iOS software to allow you to get total-surround pictures.

“Scandy has an opportunity to define how people seize and eat 3D information. We are energized to be component of this huge progress opportunity,” stated Hal Callais, Controlling Director and CIO of Callais Funds Administration. “By allowing a user to make 3D information, share it on social media, and order 3D prints from the exact same application, Scandy has made 3D easy for the normal purchaser.”

The company’s iOS application is live by now, and the Android application is coming “by the stop of the thirty day period.”

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