Lately, Nintendo NX rumors from various resources have all been pointing in the identical path: that the console will be a tablet/dwelling console hybrid that is run by Nvidia’s Tegra technology.

And the latest rumor indicates just that: the NX is run by a new Nvidia Tegra chip that has the graphics architecture that was launched before this year with the GTX 1080 and 1070.

The NX is claimed to be 3 to 4 times as strong as the Wii U, which would set in the identical ballpark as the Xbox One particular.

The resource also claims that the NX will operate modern day video game engines these types of as the Unreal Motor 4, and that developers should not have a tough time porting video games from the Xbox One particular to the NX.

Of training course, any communicate about true electrical power is relative, as the NX is claimed to be applying an totally various architecture than the Xbox One particular and PS4.

We’ll just have to wait around and see what Nintendo has in retail store for us. And even then, it may possibly just take a even though to get the specs until eventually developers share it, as Nintendo did not share the specs of the Wii nor the Wii U when these consoles have been very first disclosed to the earth.

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