Time 2 die

A 7 days following rumors broke that the enterprise was being obtained, Pebble verified that it was providing to Fitbit for around $34-40 million. We were being instructed that amount “barely” coated its debts. “Many” Pebble employees will join Fitbit, seemingly to perform on the company’s wearable software program platforms.

Unshipped Pebble devices will remain unshipped (Time 2, we barely knew ye) and backers will acquire refunds. Pebble products and services will carry on to perform for now, but “functionality or support quality may perhaps be lessened in the potential.”

Shoppers, understandably, are crying foul. We’ll be covering transition strategies for the products and services and hardware (and the unavoidable lawsuits) as they arise.

Irrespective of a unhappy ending, Pebble’s story is still an inspiring just one. A handful of people with a good idea and some experience produced and sold thousands and thousands of bucks really worth of devices to a huge and (largely) supportive community. But the hardware match is a dangerous just one and there are no guarantees in lifetime, enable alone on Kickstarter.

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