Everyone’s favorite video game industry analyst, Michael Pacther, recently shared his thoughts on the Nintendo Switch during a livestream interview at E3.

And Pacther’s thoughts might surprise Nintendo fans: he believes that the console is a “supplement” to the PS4 and Xbox One — a console that PS4 and Xbox One owners get as a secondary console to play Nintendo games.

*It’s a handheld, it shouldn’t be in the same discussion as Xbox One and PS4″, Pachter told host Geoff Keighley. He said that the Switch is really a handheld console, and praised Nintendo for “continuing its handheld dominance” with it.

“I think people are reading the Switch as a really successful console, I think it’s a really successful handheld”, Pacther said, adding “I think they [Nintendo] put out a super-high quality handheld, but I have not yet met a person who puts that thing in the docking station and plays on TV”.

Pachter doesn’t see the Switch as a home console, he sees it as a great handheld device. “Nintendo continues their handheld dominance, but they don’t have a [home] console – nobody alive says I’m trading in my PS4 for a Switch and I’m never going back.”

According to Pacther, the Switch is a “supplement” to the PS4 and Xbox One.

“[Switch] might be a starter for your kid, or it’s a supplement if you’re over 12, but it is not a standalone console”.

But he doesn’t mean that in a negative way. His complemented Nintendo for making a high-quality handheld to a level where “it’s console-like”, and said that Zelda: Breath of the Wild was “amazing – one of the best games ever”.

Which begs the question: do you own other consoles besides the Nintendo Switch?

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