Normally with SoundMagic the tale is along the lines of “these pocket revenue earphones will pulverise what ever plastic nasties came free of charge with your mobile phone.” And they are, and they will. 

But SoundMagic is stepping up to a further level below. These on-ear wired headphones are $249 and, even however the avenue price tag will knock a several tens off that, that is not pocket revenue, nossir. Up in that quadrant of headphone technologies the variances involving one pair and a further are much more nuanced than, say, just about anything at all compared to the crap white earphones that came in your smartphone box.

SoundMagic was on the verge of releasing the P55 Vento headphones a yr or so again, but when the first response to them was a little bit meh-flavoured, it pulled them instantly and despatched them again to the engineers. 

There have been over forty five driver revisions because the 1st incarnation, claims SoundMagic. Stainless steel and aluminium development, and a replaceable cable that functions with possibly iOS or Android phones. They’ve bought to be excellent, have not they? And we’ll come across out shortly, with a evaluation. But if you are a model-trusting impulsive sort, you can obtain the Vento P55 instantly.  

This report originally appeared at Stuff.television

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