Nvidia’s substantially touted and now benchmarked GTX 1080, and its minimal cousin the GTX 1070, has now officially been launched.

It is very as we have been anticipating, but it really is truly worth going about the official quantities. The 1080 is constructed all around the GP104 Pascal GPU, which packs in seven.2 billion transistors, and is backed by 8GB of new GDDR5x RAM. The card’s memory has a foundation clock of 2500MHz on a 256-little bit memory bus, which equates to 320GB/s of throughput. The GPU is clocked to 1607MHz, which boosts up to 1733MHz, and Nvidia’s promising that the card has a whole lot additional headroom – up to 2GHz in point.

The 1070 is based on the exact GPU, but sports activities simple old GDDR5 memory. Nvidia wasn’t forthcoming on a whole lot of other facts, but did say that whilst the 1080 is capable of 9 terflops of efficiency, the 1070 can pump out six.five.

The large reveal though is the card’s pricing. We only have US facts, but that is $US599 for the GTX 1080, with the 1070 going for an extraordinary $US379. There’ll also be a unique ‘Founders’ Edition’ card that Nvidia says has been binned for top-quality overclocking efficiency, and that will retail for $US699. Nevertheless, Gamers’ Nexus studies that the Founder’s Version is basically Nvidia’s reference card it attributes a funky new cooler, but just isn’t primarily binned, and it really is not a limited version, either, which Nvidia does seriously hint at. The $US599 pricepoint is for Nvidia’s seller associates.

The card will in fact be out there on the 27th of Might, with the GTX 1070 to comply with all around the time of Computex at the stop of this thirty day period. There’ll also be an Australian start party on the 24th, so we are going to most likely have Australian pricing then.

You can get additional details and the complete specs at the official website.


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