An upcoming Minecraft update will bring radical changes to the game on Nintendo Switch and other platforms. With the free “Better Together” update, you’ll get infinitely-sized worlds, faster updates, and more.

The update will also allow you to play together with your friends on Xbox One platforms, PC, and mobile devices. If you’re wondering why the PlayStation systems are missing, it’s because they won’t be receiving the Cross-Play support.

Additional things included in the update are:

  • Cross-Buy for DLC you get on all supported platforms.
  • Private, persistent worlds you can set up to play in with friends.
  • Dedicated servers which can support thousands of players.
  • Unified Community Marketplace for user created content

It’s safe to say that this update will make Minecraft a much more social, enjoyable game.

Minecraft’s Better Together update will be available later this year.

[via NeoGAF, Kotaku]

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