Minecraft is headed to the Nintendo Switch on May 12, bringing with it the Super Mario Mash-up pack that originally debuted on the Wii U version. While the two versions may seem pretty similar, it looks like there are some notable differences as pointed out by those who have early access to the game.

These images were posted on Imgur and showcase the rendering distance between the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U versions of the game.

Nintendo Switch Docked

This is a shot of Minecraft running on a Nintendo Switch in docked mode. It runs at 720p and the render distance appears to be 10 chunks, which is exactly the same as the Wii U. The render distance of paintings and other items appears to have been increased in this mode.

Nintendo Switch Handheld

While in handheld mode, the game still renders at 720p but instead it will only render 7 chunks of visibility, which is a downgrade from the Wii U version. The render distance of paintings and other items is still the same as docked mode, however.

Wii U Minecraft

And finally to compare, we have a shot of Minecraft running on the Wii U. It of course runs at 720p and renders 10 chunks in distance, so it doesn’t look like much has changed in terms of getting more visual fidelity out of the increased hardware on the Nintendo Switch, which is a shame.

Do you plan on getting Minecraft on Nintendo Switch when it releases?

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