At any time wondered just how large an Excel spreadsheet genuinely is? Well, 1 YouTuber with, presumably, practically nothing significantly to do with his day established out on a quest to discover out and, nine-and-a-half hrs afterwards, he achieved the end of his perilous journey.

Hunter Hobbs, the intrepid YouTuber in concern, made a decision to undertake his scrolling journey by merely urgent the down-arrow key, shifting as a result of Excel 1 cell at a time. As any courageous adventurer would, Hobbs took no breaks, nor skipped screens of rows by tapping manage. No, this gentleman merely sat at his desk, holding the down arrow on his keyboard, for more than nine hrs straight.

To preserve himself occupied for the duration of that time, Hobbs undertook marginally a lot less brain-numbing tasks such as paddle ball, cell phone phone calls and copious amounts of 5-hour power beverages.

Even now, like the initially Arctic explorers or the founders of the New Entire world, Hobbs achieved his Earth-shattering discovery when Excel stopped loading rows after row one,048,576. This may well effectively be the most important, and most vital, discovery of 2017 still.

Congratulations Mr Hobbs, despite the fact that you could have just visited Microsoft’s Workplace aid site to discover out…

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