Curved monitors are great for gaming and immersion, but there’s a feature set that everyone’s waiting for – and we’re getting really, really close.

The new LG 34UC89G is so close to what we’re waiting for we can almost taste it – but for now, it’s one of the most feature-complete gaming monitors we’ve seen. It boasts a 34in curved IPS display that’ll wrap around your face and beat you with whatever game you’re playing. A 144Hz refresh rate pairs up with Nvidia’s Gsync technology top make sure that that beating is as smooth as possible. And you boost that refresh rate up to 166Hz.

It has a lovely and wide 21:9 aspect ratio, but the only let down is the resolution – 2560 by 1080 is good, but it’ll be a comedown from anyone currently using a 1440p monitor. Which is most gamers I know. 

Also in the package are a range of display modes, including a Crosshair mode that only the worst cheaters will use (yes, we went there). Black Stabiliser mode is also a bit dodgy, since it improves visibility in dark scenes, while Dynamic Action Mode minimises input lag.

We’ve no local details yet, but it’s on sale today in the US for $999.

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