Forget tapping a touchscreen – the HTC U11 is built for squeezing. Edge Sense touch panels running down the sides of the 5.5in flagship detect your digits, launching apps, phone features or waking up your AI assistant. So yeah, now you can squeeze for a selfie. There’s a range-topping Snapdragon 835 CPU inside, along with HTC’s trademark Ultrapixel tech powering the 12MP rear camera, and it’s all wrapped up in a pearl-like glass and metal body that’s guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention.

You’ll be able to pick one up in June in the US and Europe, though we don’t have local pricing or release details – but the US cost converts to $875, however. You might want to wait, though: not long after launch, it’ll arrive in a crazy, colour-shifting red and gold finish that looks lifted from the same psychedelic paint catalogue as old TVR sports cars.

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