Asrock’s lead with two new motherboards for enthusiast users and gamers, and followed by a whole lot more.

Asrock had something for everyone at their Computex press conference, and though the company may have been overshadowed AMD’s event, Asrock made up for that with sheer quantity of releases.

I did not even know Asrock made light bulbs!

But they do, and alongside them there’s a range of connected devices that may not even make it down under, but a couple of products that almost certainly will are two new motherboards.

The Taichi is an all new design aimed at general computer enthusiasts – it’s meant to represent a ‘perfect balance’ and ‘infinite potential’. Did we mention Computex marketing is awesome?

Anyway, the board features 12 phase power, three PCIe Steel Slots, dual USB 3.1 in type A and C formats, dual Intel Gigabit LAN and Dual Band 802.11ac wireless capability. There’s even a water pump header if you want to upgrade from plain old air. And it It also features a striking and rather stripped back black and white design aesthetic.

Not at all stripped back is the new Fatal1ty X99 Professional Gaming i7 board. This one has 12 phase power too, the same USB3.1 connectivity, and internet and water pump features, but adds a three-month Xsplit license, special Key Master and Fatal1ty mouse port, and SoundBlaster Cinema3 audio.

While there’s a range of mini desktop machines that are not all that exciting, one system that Asrock’s touting and we’re paying attention to is the M8, designed from the ground-up to run VR, and is both HTC Vive and Radeon VR Ready. It comes in a range of configurations, but the one that Asrock suggests boasts a H110M motherboard, an Intel Core i5 6400 CPU, 8GB of Corsair RAM, and an AMD Radeon R9 Nano.

Hopefully we’ll have an idea of local pricing and availability shortly.

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