Apple showcased the watchOS 4 operating system at WWDC 2017 and highlighted a host of new features including new Siri integrations and fitness features.

New fitness features include personalised updates, monthly challenges and celebrations when you hit a goal. The watch will let you jump into any workout with just a tap, includes a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) mode and lets you track your swims better. To help users get the most out of a workout, the watch will now automatically turn a Do Not Disturb setting when you begin a workout too.

Music has been changed too as the Apple Watch will automatically sync playlists that have been curated for you to the watch. Added Bluetooth functionality means the watch can connect to other health and fitness devices too, potentially even for monitoring glucose levels while exercising.

Siri has had a major upgrade as well, with a new face that uses Siri’s intelligence to set up a feed of your day onto the watch, which changes depending on the time of day. One watch face allows you to create funky kaleidoscope images from your photos. Toy Story fans will also be pleased since on a different watch face they will be able to add Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie to animate their wrists if you want to thanks to a new partnership.

Developers can currently access the developer preview but the public will have to wait until the autumn to get their hands/wrists on the new update.

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