So here’s a neat chain of events that could advance gaming a little further along its mainstream acceptance arc.

The A.V. Club – via Waypoint – is reporting that a cute little game called Everything has just won jury prize for best animated short film at the VIS Vienna Shorts film festival. Now, that may not sound like a big deal – but that festival is a feeder festival for the Academy Awards… 

Which means the Academy will now be considering it for a possible Oscar nomination. How cool is that?!

As the AV guys point out, though, no one really knows just yet how the game was presented at the film festival – in fact, it’s unlikely it was ‘playable’ in the traditional sense. It could have been a trailer – see below – or even the game playing itself, which is one of the modes in the game.

Either way – bravo to the game’s developer, David O’Reilly.

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